Silo Cleaning


Robotic Cleaning System

We use the hydraulic BinWhip to clear silos, bins, and hoppers. It a safe, portable device that doesn’t need air to operate, just food-grade hydraulic oil. It’s unique design eliminates problems with dust and enables workers to safely remove clogs without endangering themselves by crawling into a confined space.


The BinWhip is, hands down, an amazing tool. It doesn’t matter what commodity or size of vessel we’re talking about, the hydraulically-powered BinWhip will restore your storage capacity to near 100%.


Power washing with either hot or cold water is a great way to reduce maintenance costs and increase efficiency. That’s why we offer exterior silo power washing to sanitize storage vessels, prevent cross-contamination, and remove mold. Our silo cleaning services are used to remove product build-up in a wide range of bulk materials in the manufacturing, mining, construction, and agricultural industries.

Bag House

Our Silo Pros team also offers you professional and responsive baghouse technical support. We’ll help you troubleshoot over the phone or send one of our experienced field technicians out to meet with you in person. Our on-site services include baghouse inspections, cleaning, bag change-outs, maintenance, repairs, and overall process optimization.