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who we are

We have nearly 100 years of combined experience in the silo cleaning and construction industry. We’ve cleaned concrete silos, trucks, and other equipment, worked in heavy construction, and even patented industry-related equipment.

Our Services

Safety is always our number one priority. Our proprietary silo cleaning technology negates the need for human entry and because we use non-hydraulic tools, concerns about lost material are minimized. CO2 Blasting with Safe-T-Shot™ breaks up particularly tough areas of build-up.

Silo Cleaning

Don’t let cement hardened by humidity block your silo’s passageway. Give us a call today and we’ll be right out.


Regular silo maintenance reduces your overall operating costs and catches problems before they spin out of control.


Repairs to both the silo’s interior and exterior are sometimes necessary. We can handle almost any kind of repair you need.


Our full restoration services will get your silos and containers back to like-new condition. Give us a call for more details.

Why choose us


Our team is used to working in tight spaces. Rest assured, we can get the work done at a pace that will not only meet your deadline, but that will also keep employee and workplace safety foremost during the project.


Our team has nearly 100 years of combined experience in the construction, maintenance, and repair industry. We’re a team of licensed contractors who have also worked as plumbers, roofers, and in underground utility and excavation.


Working with heavy concrete and tall structures like silos isn’t easy. That’s why we take safety so seriously. Safety is always our number one priority, both to us and our clients.

Customer Reviews

Recently S&W Ready Mix, a subsidiary of Titan America, contracted with Silo Pros to clean out a silo and dust collector on a plant that we were decommissioning. We never had this type of service performed for us, so there was a very crucial and rigorous approval process required before we started. Keith Knox and his crew mobilized all necessary equipment including a vacuum truck to efficiently and safely remove the hardened cement. Mr. Knox personally supervised each minute of the removal process, notified the local authorities to make them aware of the confined space entry, ensured his team was equipped with all PPE including retrieval systems, and obtained all necessary permits to get the job done. Whenever we need this service again, I will make Silo Pros my first call!

Customer Name, S & W Ready Mix

Sam, although I had never needed a specialty service such as yours before, and thanks to our Engineer recommending you, I could not have been more impressed or pleased with the knowledge and professionalism of you, Sam, your office manager, Amy, and your crews. The outcome was perfect, and the experience effortless on our part. Thank you again for your service!

Jeffrey K., Company Inc.